7 people arrested on DUI charges in Sonoma County checkpoints

According to Petaluma police, 7 people were taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence on Saturday during DUI checkpoints held throughout Sonoma County.

Police officers spread out by the Sonoma County DUI task force stopped 78 vehicles from Saturday 5 p.m. to Sunday 3 a.m. The officers also conducted 64 probation compliance checks, in which 4 DUI offenders were taken into custody either for possession of alcohol or for under the influence of alcohol in violation of their probation.

The officers tried to serve 23 DUI warrants that resulted in the arrest of 4 individuals. Other than that, 7 drivers were charged who were driving with a suspended license and who didn’t have a license.

Saturday’s enforcement efforts brought the total number of DUI offenders who were taken into custody to 71 since the beginning of the task force campaign on 16th of August.

News Source: www.PressDemocrat.com

By Steven Taxman

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