Suspected drunk driver leads police on high-speed chase through Santa Rosa

Police officials said that a suspected drunk driver lead a Santa Rosa police officer on a chase at the speed of 100 mph on Highway 12 heading west and he was pulled over after he took the Stony Point off-ramp and ran from his car. The incident happened on Sunday, according to Santa Rosa police Sgt. Dave Boettger. The chase started when Officer Jeffrey Travers tried to stop a suspected drunk driver near the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. The chase ended at about 9p.m. when 46-year-old Gibb Joseph ...Read more

Santa Rosa police to hold DUI crackdown at intersection near Santa Rosa Junior College

Every year after the last vacation before Labor Day when students return to their schools, travelling on roads becomes dangerous for people. According to Petaluma Traffic Sergeant Ken Savano, as the number of vehicles increases on the roads, the number of crashes also increase. The months of August and September are included in the list of top 5 months in which too many accidents are caused every year. Due to this reason, Petaluma police will be out on roads during the next 2 weeks. Petaluma ...Read more

7 people arrested on DUI charges in Sonoma County checkpoints

According to Petaluma police, 7 people were taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence on Saturday during DUI checkpoints held throughout Sonoma County. Police officers spread out by the Sonoma County DUI task force stopped 78 vehicles from Saturday 5 p.m. to Sunday 3 a.m. The officers also conducted 64 probation compliance checks, in which 4 DUI offenders were taken into custody either for possession of alcohol or for under the influence of alcohol in violation of their p...Read more

57-year-old Vacaville man arrested for sixth DUI

SANTA ROSA - Early Tuesday morning, 57-year-old Claudell Jack Jr. was arrested in Santa Rosa for his 17th driving with a suspended license offense according to a California Highway Patrol officer. CHP Officer Jon Sloat said that Jack was travelling west on College Avenue in his Chrysler Sebring when he made a sudden left turn in front of a Volkswagen travelling east on College Avenue. The driver of the Volkswagen pressed the brake suddenly and the Chrysler drove west in the right lane, eastbo...Read more

DUI suspect hurts a CHP Highway Patrol officer

On Saturday night, a Highway Patrol motorcycle officer, Ryan Snyder, was injured when a suspected DUI driver turned in front of him. The accident happened around 8:20 p.m. on Highway 121 at Los Carneros Avenue. Snyder suffered moderate injuries in the accident according to a CHP spokesman. Officials said that on Saturday night, Snyder was traveling eastbound toward Napa on the highway when a Honda Accord made a left turn in front of him. The officer fell from the motorcycle when his motorcycl...Read more

Speeding Santa Rosa motorcyclist arrested for DUI after 100-mph chase

On Sunday night, a motorcyclist operating his motorcycle at 112 mph on highway 101 near central Windsor was taken into custody by a California Highway patrol officer. CHP said on Monday that while monitoring traffic on highway 101 near central Windsor, a CHP officer saw a motorcycle travelling at a high rate of speed. The officer tried to stop the motorcyclist but she continued to move at high speed in an attempt to escape the pursuing officer. The incident happened around 10:15 p.m. Radar...Read more

33-year old Santa Rosa woman arrested for DUI

On Thursday night, 33-year-old Angela Marie Angerman was arrested by the police on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after she crashed her vehicle into a residence in Santa Rosa. According to the police, Angerman was released from lockup at around 1 p.m. on Thursday. Police said that she is on felony probation for a theft crime and her probation conditions don't allow her to consume alcohol. Police reported that around 9:50 p.m., police officers received a call and responded to a repo...Read more

Woman arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after crashing into house

SANTA ROSA - A suspected drunk driver, 33-year-old Angela Marie Angerman, was arrested by the police on Thursday night after she crashed her silver 1998 Ford Mustang into a residence in Santa Rosa. According to the police, Angela Marie Angerman, also known as Angela Paetz, was released from the lock up on Thursday around 1 p.m. Police said that for a theft offense, Angerman is on felony probation and her probation doesn't allow consuming alcohol but around 9:50 p.m., a person called police...Read more

23-year-old repeat drunken driver arrested on Highway 101

Early Sunday morning, a suspected drunk driver was arrested by the California Highway Patrol officers after they saw him driving at 101 mph on Highway 101. The officers also found that he was driving with a suspended driver's license. On Monday, the CHP said that his driver's license was suspended for a prior DUI conviction. 23-year-old Brent Goodman of Santa Rosa was pulled over in a Dodge SUV near downtown Santa Rosa. The incident happened around 3 a.m. According to CHP Officer Jon Sloat...Read more

50-year-old Petaluma man to serve 120 days in jail for DUI hit-and-run

Timothy Kemp, 50, will spend 120 days in prison for striking a pedestrian on St. Patrick's Day while he was driving drunk. The accident occurred at the intersection of Petaluma Boulevard North and Washington Street. 22-year-old Matthew Bushner of Petaluma was crossing the street when he was struck by Kemp's vehicle. Police believed Bushner also may have been under the influence of an intoxicant. He suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment. Last sp...Read more

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