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Information we collect about you

At, we only collect information about our users and website visitors who voluntarily provide information to us, through email, by filling a form, by contacting us on telephone or by conventional mail. This personally identifiable information may include your name, address, phone number, email and related details. All personal information is kept private and never passed along to any third party organization.

Use of browser cookies

Other than your personally identifiable information, we also collect information about our website visitors and traffic. This information is collected by using “cookies”, which are small text files placed on the website visitor’s hard drive to retrieve information such as geographic location, browser used etc. This information is collected to enhance the user experience of visitors visiting our website and to determine the number of users visiting our website. The information is also used by our website designers to improve the site and its navigation by determining which portions of the site are visited more often and which are not. If you want, you can disable cookies from your web browser options to prevent the retrieval of any kind of non-personally identifiable information related to your visit to our website.

External links to and from

Like other websites, also has links to external websites. These links have been added to help our website visitors to get more information about laws in Florida. These websites have their own privacy notices and are not governed by this privacy policy. is not responsible for the content and links present on those websites and users should go through the privacy policies maintained by those websites before accessing them.

Similarly, is not responsible for the content, material and other links found on websites that link to

Security for our website users

At, we follow generally accepted industry standards to protect any personal information submitted by our users.

Changes to this Privacy Notice reserves the right to change or update this privacy policy. Any changes and updates will be posted here and we recommend our visitors to review the Privacy Policy regularly. Any changes made to our privacy notice will be immediately effective from the date of revision and users will be notified about the changes by email or newsletter.

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