Suspected drunk driver leads police on high-speed chase through Santa Rosa

Police officials said that a suspected drunk driver lead a Santa Rosa police officer on a chase at the speed of 100 mph on Highway 12 heading west and he was pulled over after he took the Stony Point off-ramp and ran from his car.

The incident happened on Sunday, according to Santa Rosa police Sgt. Dave Boettger. The chase started when Officer Jeffrey Travers tried to stop a suspected drunk driver near the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. The chase ended at about 9p.m. when 46-year-old Gibb Joseph Olivarez Jr. was taken into custody.

Boettger said that the driver, who was on Maple Avenue, didn’t stop when asked by the officer and instead drove his car at high speed on Highway 12. When he was leaving the highway, the driver struck a concrete median barrier which damaged his car. The driver then drove into the nearby Stony Point Road shopping center, drove across a sidewalk and stopped the car behind a business.

Officers and Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies arrived to assist in searching the driver and he was found in the area.

Police took Olivarez into custody on suspicion of reckless evading, drunk driving, driving with a suspended license and violating his probation. He was locked up in Sonoma County Jail.

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